John Scane is an American artist living in Los Angeles California. After attending California State University at Long Beach, he began showing with several galleries in Los Angeles. Over his 25 year career in the arts his paintings have received a great deal of attention and his work is in many collections. While painting is his primary focus, he is also an accomplished woodworker, photographer and teacher.

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My name is John Scane and I am an artist. I am trained primarily as a painter but for the past 30 years I have expanded my skills to include woodworking and photography. I have exhibited my paintings worldwide, received a generous amount of press and my work is in many collections. I was a founding member of the artist group Pharmaka in Los Angeles, owned my own custom woodworking shop and for the past 16 years I've taught painting and more recently photography at the renowned Orange County School for the Arts.

I've always loved to travel and it has been instrumental in shaping my artwork. In my late 20's I returned to International travel and since have travelled throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the United Arab Emirates.  

In 2017 I started work on a project titled “Grandiose”. Grandiose combines several of my passions, travel, painting, photography, video and more to explore and capture a "sense of place". Meant to take several years, the project will traverse every continent in search of at least 10 significant mountain peaks/areas to explore, photograph, film and paint.